$308,000 Job For Every Man

Flabbergasted that our country is about to sign itself away from freedom and prosperity to debt and slavery, ($800,000,000,000+ spending bill)  I just did some quick calculations. Do you realize how big a bill this is?  Do you realize the amount of money our Democratic senators and President Obama (“The One”)  are campaigning to stick each one of us with? Every single US taxpayer will owe the government $5800 to pay for this bill! This is the biggest waste of money I have heard of in a long time. Lets just go over some numbers:

For ease of figuring, lets round the false “Stimulus Bill” to $800 Billion (that’s $800,000,000,000 so you can see how big it really is again)

-Size of Bill: $800,000,000,000
-US Population: 303,000,000 people
-US Tax Paying Population: 138,000,000 people

Supposedly, this is to stimulate the economy and create jobs for those loosing them right?

-Total unemployed in the US is about 10,000,000 (Latest numbers say 7.2%)
-Total Jobs lost in 2008: 2,590,000

If we gave the $800 billion to businesses to create jobs (tax breaks) that would be enough money to create jobs for every single unemployed person in the United states with a $80,000 paying job.


If we want an even more startling proposal. Going right back to where we were at the start of 2008, we could just put back to work every single person who lost their job in ’08 (about 2.5million people). Using the same money, we could create a $308,000 job for each one!!!

Now, how in heaven’s name can we be talking about spending $800,000 billion dollars and no one really knows how many jobs will be created?

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