Milk: “It does a body good?” or should it be “It does a body bad?”

“Got Milk?”

We have grown up accustomed to thinking milk is great for our bodies and needed for healthy bones. There is much research out there that says the Dairy industry may not be so right after all.

Milk: It does a body bad?
Milk: It does a body bad?
Because of the many hormones found in milk (eg Monsanto’s BGH, aka rBGH growth hormone) milk may be a fuel for cancer which thrives on improper growth in the human body. What other animal drinks milk after infancy and childhood? NONE besides humans, and that of another species, a cow!

What about Calcium?


But don’t we need milk for calcium and strong bones? Maybe not. Yes, we need calcium, but cow’s milk may not help us at all, in fact it may hurt our bone strength! Because of the slight acidity of milk, (ph of 6.4-6.7) it is thought that drinking milk actually leaches calcium from the bones! The body must buffer the acidity with more internal calcium than you get gain from cows milk for a net loss of calcium! We can get our calcium from many other sources like collard greens, okra, broccoli, and soy. (click on thumbnail of chart to see examples) If you don’t believe it, studies show in countries where milk consumption is the lowest, osteoporosis is the lowest! (See some of the links below)

Other Sources of Calcium:


Some studies and opinions indicate that milk may be a major cause and/or contributor of general allergies and sensitivities. Many people have found relief of numerous problems just by eliminating cows milk from the adult diet!

“If we look at this on a very basic level, how would you feel about drinking the milk from a dog or a horse? A dog’s milk is for pups, a cat’s milk is for kittens… Clearly this is how nature intends it. The milk of every species of mammal is unique and specifically designed to meet the needs of that animal. Human’s milk is designed to take an infant from 8 pounds to 40 pounds in 18 months. Cow’s milk is designed to take a calf from 90 pounds to 1,000 pounds in 24 months. Cow’s milk is not designed for people. For one thing, it has 20 times the casein of human milk. Casein leads to numerous allergic reactions and high levels of mucous in our noses and bowels. Did you know that Elmer’s glue is made from cow’s milk casein? That’s why there’s the picture of Elsie the cow on each bottle.
Among children some of the common problems found were allergies, ear and tonsillar infections, bedwetting, asthma, intestinal bleeding, colic, and childhood diabetes. Pediatric literature confirms that milk is the leading cause of childhood allergies. Ear specialists frequently insert tubes into the ear drums of infants to treat recurrent ear infections. It has replaced the previously popular tonsillectomy to become the number one surgery in the country. Unfortunately, most of these specialists don’t realize that over 50% of these children will improve and have no further ear infections if they just stop drinking their milk. In adults the problems centered more around heart disease and arthritis, allergies, sinusitis, and the more serious questions of leukemia, lymphoma and cancer, especially breast cancer.”

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