Creation Museum is a wonderful Experience!

Just last week we visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Wow, were we blown away by the solid Biblical basis for the exhibits and the quality in which they were presented. To see a small sample of the exhibits in the Creation Museum, just click on the images below: [nggallery id=20]
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2 responses to “Creation Museum is a wonderful Experience!”

  1. Well, I realized further that your script made videos non-functional for me in IE8, so that really kills it. I’m thinking it has to have something to do with the size of my thumbnails (150×150), but I’m not sure (I resized your gif to that size, just to see if that would help). Difficult to sleuth. It doesn’t help that NextGen is messed up in IE8 with this configuration (, so I had to hack several files to fix that problem, too. Did you not have that problem? Maybe the 75×75 thumb size would fix my woes.

  2. No, I don’t think you need an external jw player..i think that is all included with the shadowbox plugin…and it works fine in IE8 for me on my site. (try my example page in IE8)…so maybe the size would make a difference, but I doubt it..

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