Day 6: Lengthening Ryan’s Two Middle Fingers

We praise the Lord, God that He created such marvels like the human body. Who could have thought of making bone where it heals itself and grows new bone as we apply pressure and pull it apart? No one but the living, awesome God Himself.

At the End of day 6, we have seen 6mm of length gained and everything is looking great! Ryan looks forward to turning the screw four times a day and watching his fingers grow. Every other turn, we clean the pin sites as we do our best to keep the incision and pins clean and dry to prevent any infection. This time around it almost seems like old hat as his first round of treatment (over two years ago) we had to take care of four sets of lengtheners  and this time, only two. We look forward to seeing more growth each day!

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  1. Just wanted to say how happy we are Ryan’s surgery went well. We said prayers for him to not have a reaction to the bandages and would heal well. Our grandson, Tyler, just got his cast off today and is on his way home from Cleveland. Can’t wait to see how his hand looks!

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