Petition to Obama to Stop RECONCILIATION on this Health Care Bill

Say NO to President Obama on Health Care

President Obama has turned up the heat. He’s pushing Congress to pass a dangerous, pro-abortion health care plan that most Americans simply don’t want. The President is calling on Congress to use a one-sided, partisan-controlled legislative maneuver called “reconciliation” to force this flawed health care plan through — and he wants it to happen NOW.

It’s time to put a stop to this legislative fast-track. Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice and tell the President and Congress NO reconciliation. NO abortion funding for health care. NO government-run programs. Please read the form below carefully and declare your membership with the ACLJ by adding your name to our Petition to Stop Reconciliation.


President of the United States, Barack Obama
Senator Christopher Bond
Senator Claire McCaskill
Representative Roy Blunt

A clear majority of the American people do not support the health care reform proposals now under consideration in Congress. To continue to push against the will of the people, and now with absolute disregard for legislative process and procedure, raises serious constitutional concerns.

We urge you to act in accordance with the law of the land, follow the legislative dictates of our Constitution, and hear the voice of the citizens of America who strongly oppose a government takeover of health care and taxpayer dollars used to fund abortions.

It’s time to take the kind of action that the American people are demanding and deserve: Stop reconciliation and start over on health care. Give us a plan that’s effective, affordable, and protects life.

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