Painting of ducks in the water.
Illustration of a flying bird.

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  • A Field Trip to Fantastic Caverns

    Spending the afternoon exploring God’s creation underground, the whole family took a field trip to Fantastic Caverns! The cave is just north of Springfield, so not too far of a trip and the kids loved exploring this cave for the first time, being the second cave tour of their lives. (Actually, this way Ryan’s second…

  • Scenic Roots Releases a Great New Music Video: Road to Damascus

    Following up a music video we thoroughly enjoyed titled: “Orphan Girl,” Amber and Erin Rogers of Scenic Roots just released another fantastic music video that you will enjoy. This great tune is titled: “Road to Damascus.” Below is the previous official music video release of “Orphan Girl.”

  • For Sale:$22,500-CEREC 3D v3.8 Biogeneric w. BRAND NEW 2011 Core i7 & Milling Unit

    $22,500 for this is a fully upgraded CEREC 3D Redcam with v3.8 Biogeneric CEREC software. This Biogeneric software makes much better looking crowns than the old software and does it even easier than before! You can use the buccal bite feature which really helps in aligning your upper and lower arches. The acquisition unit has…

  • For Sale:$17,000-CEREC 3D v3.6 Biogeneric w. BRAND NEW 2011 Core i7 & Milling Unit

    $17,000 for this is an upgraded CEREC 3D Redcam with v3.6 CEREC software. The acquisition unit has a BRAND NEW 2011 Core i7 950 3.07Ghz Intel Processor for blazing speed. This would allow you to move up to version 3.8 or even 4.0 software with no problem and for many years to come. When we…

  • Diet soda makes you fat?

    This idea has been in my thoughts for years as I saw the more people drank diet pop the less weight they lost and actually seemed to gain weight! Now, it may be that they would just get fat anyway, but there is no doubt that diet soda does nothing to help you loose weight…

  • First Days of Ryan’s Homeschool Co-op

    The journey has begun! Ryan embarked a few days ago on his new adventure of “real school.” He has been homeschooling, as most homeschoolers do, soon after God brought him into this world and already at his ripe old age of 5 1/2, he is fairly proficient at reading simple words. This is thanks in part to…

  • Life Lessons Learned from a Death Row Inmate

    This Entire Article comes from Life Lessons Learned from a Death Row Inmate by Mercy Hope What goes through your mind when you hear the name Karla Faye Tucker? A pickax murderer who committed a crime so heinous that your mind couldn’t take it in? The amazing picture of the redeemed woman with the…

  • Homemade Wheat Bread

    Do you want to make some great homemade bread? Here is a great recipe. [nggallery id=75] Download both images to print here.

  • History of Computers and their Modern Components

    This is the beginning to the computer/electrical class held at South Creek Church’s Homeschool Co-Op on Feb 24th, 2011 History of Computers on Prezi

  • Birds Hatch

    Bird nest right outside the back door: [nggallery id=46]

  • The Winner is Announced for the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest on Oprah

    [singlepic id=840 w=320 h=240 float=right]Sarah Fuchs did a great job and her recipe was fantastic, however there were also 28 other great “Sweet Treat” desserts that the judges thought out did hers. Her category did end up winning the entire contest, but not Sarah’s “Fudgy Chocolate Chip-Toffee Bars.” The winning recipe was: “Mini Ice Cream…

  • Cooking Finished

    After cooking for 4 hours with 3 different batches, Sarah turned in her finished product to the judges. Now we just have to wait! During the course of the event, we were both interviewed by Alexandra Wentworth, who is the wife of George Stephanopoulos. Maybe we will see that interview at a later date! Now,…

  • The Pillsbury Bake-Off Begins!

    Sarah Fuchs started making her recipe as the 44th Bake-Off began this morning. [nggallery id=40]

  • Pillsbury Bake Off Dinner

    The night before the competition, we gathered with the 99 other finalists and all the guests and enjoyed a gourmet meal. We learned quite a bit about the process of how recipes are selected. Well over 10,000 recipes are submitted and now they are down to 100. First, they weed out obviously not original recipes,…

  • First Day at the Bake Off

    We arrived in Orlando Florida last night and kicked off the first day of the Pillsbury Bake-Off contest.[nggallery id=38]

  • Bake Off Demonstration on TV!

    Sarah demonstrated her winning recipe on KSPR TV today… The Bake-Off is this coming Monday in Orlando, Fl! Also, you can hear today’s radio interview here… Original Link

  • Sarah’s Pillsbury Bake off Radio Interview

    Listen to Sarah’s interview yesterday on KTTS. Click here to listen…KTTS – 7 April 2010 – 0840 – Pillsbury Bake-Off – Sarah Fuchs

  • Creation Museum is a wonderful Experience!

    Just last week we visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Wow, were we blown away by the solid Biblical basis for the exhibits and the quality in which they were presented. To see a small sample of the exhibits in the Creation Museum, just click on the images below: [nggallery id=20] [hidepost=0][nggallery id=24][/hidepost]

  • Sarah’s Pillsbury Bake-Off Finalist Recipe

    We are all very proud of Sarah as her entry into the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest was selected as one of a hundred finalists! She will travel to Orlando to make a case for her recipe as the winner next spring. Coming up later this month, she will be featured on Channel 10 in Springfield on…

  • Avatar Review: 3D is great, but it is so anti-military, pro-environmentalism, and really new-age

    Avatar the movie is quite a sight to behold in spectacular 3-D. I would have to say the computer graphics are really top notch and you can really enjoy the beautiful scenery created as a backdrop for the movie. Some great battle scenes and really high tech gizmos add to the fun and adventure. However…

Painting of ducks in the water.
Illustration of a flying bird.