The Study of God

We are reading a book called “Gospel-Powered Parenting” by William P. Farley. This one paragraph really stood out to me:

Theology is the study of God. Theological emphasis is unique to Christianity. That is because Christians don’t earn salvation. It is a gift. Rodney Stark notes that the other world religions all share one teaching in common: self-salvation. Therefore, their focus is on behavior rather than God. They study rules and regulations–how to be good, to meet God’s standard. But because Christians believe that salvation is God’s gift, which can’t be earned, they study the giver. They focus on right belief about God himself–that is, theology.

Have you ever stopped to think about why we study God, why we study theology? Christianity is unique when compared to the other religions of the world as we try to understand God and His amazing grace. While we will never fully comprehend an infinite God, our study of our creator and savior gives us greater and greater appreciation for all of his attributes, from wrath to grace. In fact, the more you understand those things about God that we don’t tend to like, i.e. wrath, the more we are grateful for his goodness and marvelous grace! In fact to really even understand and appreciate the Good News of Christ, you must first understand our sinful state and the rightful judgement we all deserve! With this framework in mind, I am forever grateful for our awesome God!

So, pick up your Bible today and read about all God says about Himself in the pages of His Word. Then thank Jesus Christ for His payment for all the sins of those who trust in Him!


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