For Sale:$22,500-CEREC 3D v3.8 Biogeneric w. BRAND NEW 2011 Core i7 & Milling Unit

$22,500 for this is a fully upgraded CEREC 3D Redcam with v3.8 Biogeneric CEREC software. This Biogeneric software makes much better looking crowns than the old software and does it even easier than before! You can use the buccal bite feature which really helps in aligning your upper and lower arches.

The acquisition unit has a BRAND NEW 2011 Core i7 950 3.07Ghz Intel Processor for blazing speed. This would allow you to move up to version 4.0 software with no problem and for many years to come. When we custom upgraded this computer last year, we found it was actually faster than the fastest offered by Sirona even for their Blue Cam units in 2011!

Most acquisition units do not allow you to keep the computer on while going from room to room…this unit’s power supply has been modified to allow for a battery backup. This allows you to keep the computer on no matter what room you need to move the unit. This is a great help when you are actually using it day to day in the office.

The Milling Unit is in great condition, works well and I would say has less than 100 mills on it. It has been kept clean and filtered during all use.

Shipping would be $499 unless you want to pick it up yourself in Springfield, MO. I will box the units and pad them for safe travel.

Please reply to cerec3dforsale “at”  (combine this spam reducing email address with the @ symbol like a normal email) to contact me about this or call at 417-350-2875.