Painting of ducks in the water.
Illustration of a flying bird.

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  • Baby Dedication For James Michael Baker

    Pictures and Video of the dedication at OHC: [protected] [/protected]

  • Ski Trip to Winter Park and Mary Jane

    Surviving blizzard conditions to reach our destination, we enjoyed some great snow and conditions, then some really sunny and warms days on the slopes… [protected}][/protected]

  • Cousin Portraits

    [protected] Could they have any more fun together? [/protected]

  • A Field Trip to Fantastic Caverns

    Spending the afternoon exploring God’s creation underground, the whole family took a field trip to Fantastic Caverns! The cave is just north of Springfield, so not too far of a trip and the kids loved exploring this cave for the first time, being the second cave tour of their lives. (Actually, this way Ryan’s second…

  • Classes begin for fall 2012

    Three days at home, two days in class with Gloria Deo Academy; the kids started their cooperative homeschooling today for fall 2012. [protected] [protected]

  • Ryan Pulls His First Tooth!

    Working on it for a good two weeks, Ryan was determined to get that loose tooth out and finally succeeded!

  • St Louis Arch

    [protected] [/protected]

  • Jacob & Grace: The Wedding

  • Bike Trip on the Katy Trail

    [nggallery id=113]

  • More fun outside the City Museum in St. Louis

    Outside the building had just about as much fun as inside! The St. Louis City Museum in downtown was a very unique place.  The metal cage climbing creations were a blast! [protected][nggallery id=118][/protected]

  • Inside the City Museum in St. Louis

    We had a blast navigating our way through the St. Louis City Museum. It is a very unique place. The kids didn’t pay much attention to the architectural part of the museum, but devoured the climbing adventures! [protected][nggallery id=117] [/protected]

  • Silver Dollar City – May 2012

    On our first trip to Silver Dollar City this year, and Jackson’s first time ever, we all took advantage of the ninety degree weather and had a blast![protected][nggallery id=109] [/protected]

  • Fun On The Slip ‘n Slide in April

    The kids had a blast playing on the Slip ‘n Slide the other day. With such a warm spring, this is actually the second time already that they have donned the swimming suits for the slide![protected][nggallery id=106][/protected]

  • Royals Opening Day 2012

    Ryan, Papa, and I had a blast at the Royals Opening Day 2012. The first inning was a BIG disappointment, but the rest of the game was great and we look forward to a great year! [nggallery id=104]

  • God’s Creation

    Here are a few pictures of the outdoors for you to enjoy! [nggallery id=96]

  • First Days of Ryan’s Homeschool Co-op

    The journey has begun! Ryan embarked a few days ago on his new adventure of “real school.” He has been homeschooling, as most homeschoolers do, soon after God brought him into this world and already at his ripe old age of 5 1/2, he is fairly proficient at reading simple words. This is thanks in part to…

  • Who Needs Salvation?

    God is perfect. We are not. How do we measure up to God? We don’t. Christ lived a perfect life to die in our place. Jesus provided what is called the divine exchange. Our sins for His perfection. Repenting of your sins and trusting in Christ along for the forgiveness of your sins is the…

  • Our trip to the South and Cruise to Mexico

    If you would like to see the pictures from our latest family adventures, please and they will magically appear! If you have not yet registered, take a moment to do so here: After I have approved your account, you will be able to Thanks and God bless![singlepic id=1812 w=320 h=240] There are lots of pictures…

  • Tea Party – Tampa April 15th, 2010

    As we see our country quickly loosing its footing as a free, sustainable society with the debt we are incurring (well, I guess sustainable is relative when you look at God’s long term plans anyway) :)  Sarah and I decided to finish up our Florida trip with a visit to join up on a tea…

  • Cooking Finished

    After cooking for 4 hours with 3 different batches, Sarah turned in her finished product to the judges. Now we just have to wait! During the course of the event, we were both interviewed by Alexandra Wentworth, who is the wife of George Stephanopoulos. Maybe we will see that interview at a later date! Now,…

Painting of ducks in the water.
Illustration of a flying bird.