Cool Windows 8 Logo and settings for Classic Shell Start Button

This is what your taskbar can look like with Windows 8, Classic Shell, and my custom windows 8 logo image.

If you can’t stand the Windows 8 metro interface or just want to have the option of the old start menu too, You want to pay attention.

This is how you can have the best of both worlds by getting the faster Windows 8 system but skip all the “Metro” interface and make it work similar to Windows 7.

First, you want to install Classic Shell from Then  you want to download the image to the left here to use as your start button image. Place it in the classic shell skins folder in your program files folder. If you want some easy to use good looking settings, download my XML of classic shell settings and import those settings as well.[box type=”download”]Download the image and setting here[/box]

Classic shell start menu open.