Avatar Review: 3D is great, but it is so anti-military, pro-environmentalism, and really new-age

Avatar the movie is quite a sight to behold in spectacular 3-D. I would have to say the computer graphics are really top notch and you can really enjoy the beautiful scenery created as a backdrop for the movie. Some great battle scenes and really high tech gizmos add to the fun and adventure. However I have to give the movie a really big thumbs down for it’s heavy left-wing slant and satanic/new-age ideology.  The entire movie is about how bad and evil the military is, how greedy corporations are, and how great and good is all the “earth” (or their planet) is.  It is so overtly new-age and that it is hard to watch. Not only do the Na’vi people “connect with all living things,” they seem to posses light or power within them, shared by everything around them. Sound like Hinduism? That’s what I thought. A very big, yet subtle attack on Christianity and God’s true Word.

There are many direct hits on the American military as they are portrayed as power hungry force with no thought about life, which of course is absurd. References to Vietnam with napalm, helicopter attacks, to the names on the ships also degrade the Vietnam war. Then Camron brings attack on the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as they say the “out of control” military is going to use “shock and awe” tactics.

To top it off, they something similar to this quote (can’t remember it word for word) “You go as a soldier trying to bring peace though force, but eventually you have to wake up.”

Environmentalism is rampant. If you love all “mother nature” and believe we should be “one with the trees” and never drill for whatever valuable ore they were trying to mine from the native people, (e.g. we shouldn’t drill for oil in the USA) then this movie is for you.

Basically you get a big adrenalin rush with the graphics, 3-D scenery and battle scenes, but the anti-American, anti-Christian theme is more than I could take.

Avoid this movie at all costs.


Update: Added 9/27/2010

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  1. Well, in counterpoint to this oh so fine review, what have the military ever created? or for that matter, Republicans? Those are qualities neither Republicans or the military are known for. The purpose of the military is to conquer and Republicans are all up with the destruction aspects of exploitation. Because the profit margin is higher that way. So don’t act all offended when the military or Reblicans are portrayed in that light. It just makes you look ignorant.

  2. America is free today because of our great military. Our military creates freedom from tyranny. I don’t care about Republicans, I care about seeing our great nation flourish into the future and rise again to the great country we once were. We are quickly loosing our distinction as a great beacon of freedom as we become more socialist every day congress meets….

  3. The American Military hasn’t been used to ensure your freedom for over 60 years now. Nowadays it’s used to ensure the profits of American corporations.. You can thank the Republican leaders for starting that ball rolling.

  4. Actually, Mandamus, the military has contributed more to this country and our world than any other industry. Most of the medical breakthroughs in the 20th century were in some part funded by or for military sources. Thousands of technological advances including the internet were in part created by the military – sorry Al Gore didn’t invent it. As for defending our country, you’ve apparently forgotten 9-11, the Cole bombing, the first trade center attack, Kobar towers… the list goes on and on. Don’t feel too bad. Most of the rest of our country has forgotten too. It’s hard not to, when the media monopoly is as good as it is at telling you what to think. You probably think the rest of the world hates us too and thinks of us as bullies… that is what our own media tells us. It’s too bad you don’t get off this content very much. You might see a different view. But then, maybe you like having someone else think for you. You obviously haven’t made much of an effort to think for yourself. And with someone as cool as John Cameron to think for you, who can blame you.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with this review. The visuals of this movie are off the chart but the anti-American and anti-American military (yes, it’s the American military that is attacked)views were almost more than I could handle. I will not recommend this movie to family or friends.

    (Thanks Mandamus, I wasn’t aware that only those Americans who are Democrats or unaffiliated politically or those NOT in the military create…really? One would think these kinds of ignorant comments would bother me…but I say speak! your words do more for those who share my views than any I could offer)

  6. I’m IN the military, and I think you’re just picking and choosing what you want to hate about the movie, turning it into an argument for your own brand of politics. The viciousness of the commander on the planet they are on is a testament to the corruptibility of military leaders that are separated from the chain of command. The antagonist is a Colonel in charge of a mercenary group meant to protect the interests of a corporation. There are no Generals or presidents to answer to. This has happened in real life in the past, as much as you would like to ignore it (and I am NOT talking about Iraq/Afghanistan, were I strongly believe we SHOULD be fighting). Any idiot can see that the commander in charge is not giving orders with the welfare of his troops (or his country) in mind. THAT is what makes him the antagonist, not his being in the military. And though the movie does demonize the commander, it does take a step back and avoids making the troops under his command appear as mindless drones, but as soldiers following orders.
    Also, I don’t think there is a strong connection between the environmentalist views in the film and oil drilling in the US. The main theme of the film is about the displacement of indigenous populations. This is more an allegory about Post-Columbian colonialism (American and otherwise), not a leftist attempt to convert the masses into treehugging hippies.

    And you’re comment about the film attacking Christians is purely laughable. I mean, I actually snorted when I read that. I’m a Christian too, and I was not at all offended by the depiction of the spiritual beliefs some different race on some different planet. If the film made no spiritual references whatsoever, would you lambaste it for being atheistic?

  7. The attack on Christians is not direct, it is in the glorification of the creation and a “living things” rather than the Creator, God Himself. Like I said, Hinduism/New-Age glorified. We were created to worship God and give Him Glory, just read His Word. Glorification to anything/anyone else is an attack on God’s character.

    While it is true that at the beginning they stated that this group of soldiers were mercenaries and the Colonel in charge is corrupt with no one to answer to, I think the attack goes much deeper than you specify.

    The environmentalist view in the film is directly tied to worshiping the creation rather than the creator. I just picked out oil drilling because that is what the environmentalist are fighting our ability to drill and refine in our day.

  8. Rofl, get over it. The military is nothing more than puppets for big Business. Your not defending America or giving us freedoms. In fact as our freedoms are eroded away, the military hasn’t lifted a finger. They wouldn’t hesitate to turn their guns on their own citizens either if ordered.

  9. I was going to leave a post for the original review, but reading comments with no basis on reality has me very shaken. Wouldn’t hesitate to turn guns on our own citizens? I cannot fathom the depth of idiocy behind that post.

    The people, like yourself, who just say whatever idiot thoughts pop into their heads based on repeated viewings of Vietnam-era-anti-war films should realize that the evil Republican military monster is not faceless; it has many faces. The military is John Doe of Bunkie, Louisiana and Jane Smith from Brooklyn. You look at the military as a faceless mass but it is made of people just like you, except they have the respect and courage to join.

    As for Anon’s comment, I thank him for his service but I do not agree with his views. They do state once, and briefly, that they are mercs. But it was also said once, and briefly, something to the effect of ‘once a Marine, always a Marine.’ When identifying himself to the nearly-naked blue people, he claimed ‘Clan Jarhead,’ a term designated to U.S. Marines.
    And to differ blame from the lower ranks is not something I agree with either. I am not sure what your particular duties entail, but I would hope if you were ordered to do something blatantly morally reprehensible you would stand by your values.

    As for the original review, spot on.

  10. Yes, I am absolutely certain that Jesus hates environmentalism. And trees. And respecting all life. And I am sure he positively loves blowing things up and raping the life he created. I am certain of this because this has become the fundamentalist “Christian” message being rammed down people’s throats.

    Clue phone for you. The only attack on Christianity that is occurring are people like you and your sect who have marketed your brand of Christianity as the “true” brand representing the pinnacle of Christian doctrine.

    In case you are unaware–there is more to Christianity than this nonsense. This is the kind of Christianity that is meant for children. When one grows and matures in faith one is meant to learn more and see more than this childishness. Christianity is meant to be a university–and somehow the kindergartners have managed to be in charge. I hope the professors hurry up and regain control before the university goes down in the flames of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which is precisely what the fundamentalist, popular, “true” Christianity is coming dangerously close to. And that bit of wisdom was revealed to me directly by the Holy Spirit, so direct your problems with my comments directly to Her. If you can turn down the your preacher’s voice and the voices of all those who have told you what to believe and what is right you might be able to hear Her Voice and share in Her Wisdom as Christ wanted all of us to do. You did know that, right? That Christ himself said he was leaving us in the care of the Holy Spirit? Try listening to Her Voice–she’ll share Her wisdom with you if you’ll put down your dogma long enough to hear Words. (And no, the “Her” is not a political statement–it’s actually accurate. Try looking up “pneuma” and you’ll see for yourself. Sorry, but the Trinity is not 3 White Guys sitting around stroking their beards.)

  11. Interesting comments. I personally enjoyed the film because of the visual effects and entertainment value. In the end, the movie fulfilled its role as a means of escapism from the business of daily living.

    I did however notice the anti-military/anti-corporation/anti-anything not blue references that are pointed out by the author of this review.

    It is true that the main villain of this film (the Colonel) is identified as a mercenary for a greedy corporation that is hell bent on exploiting natural resources at any costs. However, if people fail to see the implicit and cliched link between the avatar military and real world events, then that is pure delusion.

    Being a soldier, I can appreciate the different views expressed by all people on the subject of iraq and afghanistan. I can understand the arguments against iraq, but i can not understand the argument against afghanistan. That being said, when the great tree was destroyed and ash was everywhere (similarities between this and 9/11?), the navite have righteous anger and insist on all out warfare to protect their way of life. The audience clearly supported this…and how is that different to 9/11?

    The film clearly associates the persona of the Colonel to all people in the military. The cliched war loving, peace hating characterization is a gross perversion and exaggeration of reality. Soldiers are not all mindless, war loving robots. They are people like everyone else, complete with feelings and emotions. I hate yet to run into a real life commander that acted the way that the antagonist in Avatar acted…in fact, it is usually quite the opposite.

    I don’t want to go so far as to say that Cameron is anti-american or anti-military, but let’s agree on one thing….he should have been more responsible with his depiction. He does not HAVE to do anything, I merely suggest that he SHOULD have taken into consideration that a movie of this caliber can be propaganda, and that HIS interpretation can be taken as gospel, or out of context by the audience.

  12. There is life all around you; tap into it. The *creation* as it’s called is the home given to us. If God let you stay in his home, would you not keep it tidy and respect it? Take your shoes off in God’s house to show your respect; show your love to God by staying for coffee and sharing your heartfelt thoughts.

  13. Yeah, I feel the same way about Disney’s Pocohontas. I didn’t like how much anti-american, anti-religion, and anti-military sediment that FLOWED from that left-wing piece of garbage. Don’t even get me started on Bambi….. that anti-NRA gun control propaganda piece is still infecting the minds of children to this day!

    Clearly the voters in Massachusettes neglected to see Avatar before voting last week. Thank God we slipped them a copy of saving private ryan before election night. You people are ridiculous.

  14. “We’ll fight terror with terror” – Colonel Miles Quaritch (head of military operation)

    A direct reference to the “War on Terror”. Cameron could not have been more accurate.

    Having an anti-american bias is very reasonable considering the past horrors white societies are known for committing against others. If your some military moron who thinks this movie is stupid because of this message, go look back in history and quit playing your Call of Duty and watching your pro-Military movies.

  15. RE: Anti-military. The villain was illustrated as an American ex-marine. Isn’t it true that like all humans, some ex-marines are good people, and some are bad people? If the villain had been a doctor, would Avatar have been an anti-doctor propaganda film?

    Why get defensive just because the bad guy has a particular profession? Seems to me that the film reviewer’s psyche/conscience is also speaking, and not just the script.

    RE: Pro-environment. Who isn’t pro-environment? Everyone loves the sight of a magnificent tree in full bloom, and who wouldn’t get upset seeing it destroyed? Seems to me ANY audience is compelled by that part of the movie, regardless of politics.

    RE: Anti-corporation. All Americans love freedom and equal representation. Enron/AIG/GM proved that when corporate influence undermines either in real life, standing up is very difficult. The film doesn’t create any new fears, it excavates and kindles one we already have.

    RE: New Age. I totally agree Avatar is a new age film, moreover that any decent science fiction film will also be a new-age film. If you are looking for a Christian film, then science fiction is an innapropriate genre for you.

    The film has grossed more tickets sales than any other. I doubt it could do that if the film itself did not transcend the politics of the day.

  16. RE: Who isn’t pro-environment? I never said anything about pro-environment…I said “Environmentalism.” Big difference. Of course everyone wants to take care of what God has given us, it is when the creation becomes what is worshiped rather than the Creator that is the problem as is apparent the environmental/New Age philosophy of the movie and when Environmentalism takes over common since. Yes, most science fiction films have some new age element, but this one is the most I have ever seen. (light from within indicating that all things are part of “energy” or part of “a god”…much like star wars’ force, but to an elevated extent.

  17. Terrible depiction of our military. My son is a jet pilot risking his life in our war against terror and Hollywood turns out to type cast our pilots as villains…can this be true? The truth will prevail and someday people like Mr. Cameron will be viewed as quite biased and simply incorrect in his assessment of our wonderful military and their actions–which by the way are supporting Barack Obama’s policies. If I only knew the plot prior to buying the tickets, I would have never gone. It reminds me of those who treated our Vietnam vets so terribly on their return from the war. My advice to Hollywood: appreciate the servicemen who fight for you–without them you would not have such a luxurious lifestyle and not make them the villains of your eye catching but unjust and hateful movies! Mr. Cameron has simply got it backwards, our military are the good guys.

  18. I love the anti-military comments here. It’s always good for a laugh when people show how ignorant they are.

  19. DrTech, I don’t know what planet you are from, but I really loved this movie just because it is anti-military and and also beg us to not destroy things we don’t understand. It was equally philosophical as the Matrix and I really loved it.

    The scary thing is that there actually exist monster-people as in the movie, you mentioned Vietnam yourself, and evil corporations that devastate and destroy things they have no right to do.

    It is really relly good for Christians to see this movie as Christians are reminded about Christianity’s message, Love others as yourself.

    There is a large part of the Christian population on this Earth that are fake Christians, and are not following the Christian message. Every Christian that can treat other beings in a way they do not want to be treated themselves. There are claimed Christians that starts wars, there are claimed Christians that become soldiers and military commanders, and actually kill other people and torture other people. There are many wannabee Christians but the amount of actual Christians is low.

    Do you really think that Jesus would have approved the actions of that military monster, those who drove those helicopters, those who drove those bulldozers and that bloody selfish ruthless unobtainium digger.

    If you really believe that you are not a Christian, as little as e.g. the former president Bush.

    Then, as you refer to Hinduism (yes avatar is a Sanskrit word) you seem to be fulfilled with some strange view that Hinduism would be wrong! How do you know this? Respect please! Remember that e.g. Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu. To do the right things and be respectful about living things is not about what you name your religion. It’s about what you do.

    Love others as you love yourself, this is what Jesus said.

  20. A few other notes: It was interesting that you mention things like:

    anti-american : Does this imply that you consider Cameron non American then, or that to be American is to want to kill things you don’t understand. Please come on! It’s you who are judging America if you consider that anti-war anti-military would be anti-american.

    left-wing slant: Does this mean that right=evil, left=good, Please again! What has right left to do with being caring about living things to do?

    Environmentalism and New-Age: The movie did actually give a plausible explanation for the wonderful ecology that existed on Pandora, but you may have missed that Augustine in the end actually analyzed the neural connections of that planet and that tree (which is usually don’t have neurons) and considered that it was more than 10^12 connections, that is about the level of the human brain). The ecology on that planet had obviously evolved a high neural connectivity among individuals, like the neural connections you used to control your Ikar with. This is not at all anything mystical. The movie Avatar reflects a really challenging scientific future for the humanity. The humanoids had no telepathy, but obviously other organisms on that planet were connected. This is nothing mystical. Already in a patent application I did in 2005 I exemplified how a possible brain to brain communication could be implemented, and that technology is close, and can of course have evolved naturally as well (or be created if you so want).

    The movie was great, it imposes a lot of things we should question ourself. How are we behaving as intelligent beings, what are our challenges for the future, and respect respect respect. Don’t destroy things you don’t understand!

    Love others (and this includes not only humans of course) as yourself.

  21. This “movie” is the longest piece of propganda I have seen in a long while. As usual Hollywood liberals paint the military as being degenerate morons while painting the indigs as noble peoples. they themselves caused. Noble natives yeah these are the same people that called the Mayan people noble and we see how they acted. Worship of a planet instead of god all mighty more leberal foolishness. And kiicking you own race when it is down oh yeah that real heroism. Killing your own supposed brothers in arms once again real heroism. I could maybe give James Cameron some props for this movie but every movie he seems to make tears down the very system that makes hime his money Capitalism one day people may wake and see these Hollywood Liberals for what they are a bunch of hypocritical asshats with no understanding of what makes America great just how to tear down what made her great.

  22. I am all with you. The anti-military sentiment was a huge slap in the face against all Marines and military service members. I get that we all want to be good to our environment but seeing a soldier go Awol like that was just sickening. The military deserved better.

  23. I thought i was right on an aggressive group who refuse to see other people who are different as equal that think its ok to kill people and take their land off them who believe that violence is the answer to any problem.
    Thats America alright this is what it will be like when you have space travel but its not all bad negotiating with the Taliban?
    Vietnam II anyone?
    I guess theres no choice somethings got to be done Barak wants to hand over to Afghan security in 2014 no way its going to be won by then so i guess its his only option so they both kind of ended the same anyway!!!!

  24. Anti-military and environmentalism are GOOD things, not bad things, especially environmentalism. Anybody who opposes environmentalism should be ashamed of themselves.

  25. Environmentalism places the creation (earth and living things) above the creator, Christ Jesus, and is therefore completely antithetical to a Christian worldview. Being against environmentalism is not at all being against taking care and being a good steward of all that the Lord has entrusted to us, in fact as God commanded us to cover the earth and subdue it, we are to use it’s resources while we take care of it. The problem lies in that the modern environmental movement is not all like that, it is about stopping all usage of our natural resources the God has given us because people have made the earth, “Mother Earth,” and such that like I said previously elevates the creation above the Creator.

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