Haiti Destruction Photos From Earthquake – Seaboard Marine Flour Mill

Please pray for my dad’s safety as he is going to Haiti today. His company’s flour mill was destroyed and many employees were killed. The company is trying to help the situation and the people of Haiti the best they can. – Sarah

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3 responses to “Haiti Destruction Photos From Earthquake – Seaboard Marine Flour Mill”

  1. Your dad is very courageous. I work in a flour mill in the US and can understand the devastation that can occur in a flour mill if there would be a strong earthquake like the one in Haiti.

    I would like to show your posted pictures to my co-workers, would you be able to send me some.

    Our prayers are with your dad, i’m sure he will return safety.

  2. Our company can provide portable grain vac equiptment for vessel discharge or salvage recovery after rescue efforts are complete. we have unloaded many Pl480 cargos in 3rd world countries for years. Our prayers to all Thanks, Gene

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